Wills and probate

Those who own real estate property located in Austria or live here might be subject to Austrian jurisdiction when it comes to passing on their assets to the next generation.

Determining the course of an inheritance under Austrian Law requires specialist professional advice relevant to your personal circumstances. We advise and support you by carefully planning your will, testament and other provisions so that they are legally binding.

By addressing all matters that are legally important we make sure your wishes are well represented and will be carried out later, so that your property and other assets will safely be passed on to the beneficiaries you chose.

We are well aware that unresolved conflicts within a family are almost always behind disputes over inheritances. Therefore we consider it entirely normal that complex family structures (such as blended families) also engender complex issues. Our aim is to resolve such conflicts by acting with consideration and with regard to the psychological implications of such cases.

We represent your interests in court proceedings and help you to assert your claims – for example with regard to the share that is reserved to the immediate family according to the provisions of Austrian inheritance Law.

In our experience, a balanced and fair solution for all those involved is in most cases the most suitable means of maintaining peace and cohesion within a family in the long term, or of lastingly restoring it. This also applies to inheritance law.

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