Divorce and separation

People move around the world more easily than ever before. As a result international aspects of family law have massively gained in importance: Especially to those couples, whether married or cohabitants, who live in bi-national relationships different national laws and principles may apply.We make sure that all these international aspects of your individual case are looked at thoroughly.

We support you in finding a fair and balanced solution for an amicable divorce. We are convinced that a good amicable solution forms the best basis for a new start – and if there are children, for you to continue to be good parents.

Every sustainable solution has to take the emotional aspect of divorce into account. Thanks to our experience and commitment, we find solutions even for situations which often seem hopeless. It is important to us to also take the interests of the children into account. If necessary, we can help your children to deal with the difficult situation after the separation of their parents by working together with psychologists for children and young people.

We can draw upon many years of experience in all issues related to children, when for example parties with children reside in different countries.

Many couples can work out an arrangement for an amicable divorce in talks with each other. We ensure that your arrangements are also legally sustainable, and optimise their effects in relation to the legislation on taxation, social insurance and pensions. We help you to find solutions when you cannot find an answer to individual points.

We have gained many years of experience in arranging for the disposition of all property involved, regardless of its location, whether it is in Austria or abroad.

Alongside negotiations for out-of-court settlements, we work with alternative methods of solving conflicts, such as collaborative law (cooperative practice) and mediation. We provide you with comprehensive information about the pros and cons of various processes, and choose the optimal process for your situation and wishes.

If you do not (yet) intend to divorce, but only want to separate from your partner, we can draw up a suitable separation agreement or marriage contract and create legal certainty and a lasting arrangement for you.

If divorce proceedings in court are unavoidable, we represent your interests with our full commitment and the tenacity required. Alongside divorce proceedings, we can also rapidly take the necessary measures to secure the payment of maintenance, provide protection from violence in the family or from international child abduction.

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