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For everybody, trouble in the family such as the collapse of a relationship brings about many unforeseen problems. For expats the situation is even more stressful as they suddenly find themselves in a country with an unfamiliar law system. Some may even be afraid of encountering a bias against foreigners.

Thanks to many years of experience in divorces and other family matters, we know how important it is to choose the right procedure in order to solve a conflict in the best possible way, or to avoid it. Because everyone has their personal history, their personal concerns and therefore their personal solution.

This is how we proceed together:

  • We talk in depth about the legal situation
  • We advise you on which courses of action are open to you
  • We help you – also in situations which are particularly difficult in an emotional sense – to find a way out of the conflict
  • Together with you, we choose the most suitable way of proceeding to solve your specific issues in the best possible way

Collaborative practice

We like to work with this highly efficient conflict solution process which combines the advantages of mediation with the opportunity to make use of active support from lawyers.

We are at the side of our clients throughout the entire collaborative practice process and advise, represent and support them. The other party also has its own specially trained legal advisor in this process. Together we negotiate a solution fairly and efficiently in open talks – a solution which takes the interests of all those involved into account in the best possible way. This process is so successful because the parties and the lawyers commit themselves to solving their matters out of court.

If necessary, additional experts are called into the negotiations. For example, coaches or children’s or young people’s psychologists can help to restart communication between those involved in emotionally difficult relationships, and to take the needs of the children into account. Financial and tax experts, on the other hand, can offer their specialist knowledge in complex cases.

In our experience, collaborative practice is the ideal choice in those situations where complex financial issues have to be clarified and when a conflict is particularly emotionally charged.


Mediation is the right process if all parties are equally able to securely and independently solve their conflict themselves. Mediators are neutral negotiation leaders who are not permitted to either offer advice or make proposals for solutions. The parties decide themselves on which solution can provide a good conclusion to the conflict for all those involved.

Mediation is particularly worthwhile when it is a matter of who looks after children, or how contact to them is arranged. In our experience, however, the CP process is preferable when complex legal or financial issues have to be settled.

Settlement talks with lawyers

If there is a willingness to reach a solution on the part of the other party and his/her lawyer, an amicable solution can often be achieved in negotiations between the parties and their lawyers.

Legal proceedings

Legal proceedings should be the last resort in cases where talks with the other party about an amicable solution are not possible. In all cases in which one party refuses to participate in an open, constructive and fair dialogue to find a solution, legal proceedings are a suitable way to solve the conflict.

In our experience, proceedings in court dealing with family matters create particular emotional strain for the participants. In order to reduce this strain on our clients, we carry out legal proceedings in an objective and efficient way.

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