Prenuptial agreements (or: designing a marriage)

Parties living in an international relationship might require legal advice regarding future matters. Moving abroad for example can have the effect that people find themselves subjected to a completely new jursidiction. We draft agreements for such international people who are considering entering into a prenup.

We can help you to avoid conflicts during marriage and in the case of a separation or divorce by means of a forward-thinking contractual arrangement. Together with you and your partner, we draw up contracts that legally mirror your lives as spouses. We can also offer various possibilities for solutions in the case of already existing problems in a marriage, so that it does not have to result in a divorce.

Forward-thinking marriage contracts

Marriage and family life are regulated by detailed legislation: spouses are linked to each other in a legal relationship, and parents and children also have precisely defined rights and obligations with regard to each other. Nevertheless, there is still room to structure these relationships in a way which suits you: marriage contracts provide the most comprehensive opportunity to adapt the legislative framework of marriage to the individual needs of a couple.

A need for adjustments can arise in the following situations:

  • If interests in property need to be settled reliably and at an early stage.
  • If children from an earlier relationship are to be included in the financial affairs of (future) blended families.
  • If the consequences of moving to another country need to be anticipated.

Solutions to preserve a marriage

In the case of problems in marriages, there are frequently several possibilities other than divorce to (re-)structure relationships between spouses and children as well as financial aspects.

We can support you in:

  • Regulating issues related to housing and maintenance
  • Financial issues including the transfer of property assets
  • Securing your children’s material future
  • Clarifying issues of custody or contact to the children.
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